English Emergency Reporting Service for only $ 99 USD per year

$ 148.50 per year for couples

Innovative Mobile App

Created for Expat’s living in Mexico with support for Android and IPhone.

For English Speakers

Our service is only for people who speak English. Once an alert is received, we communicate with all Mexican agencies on your behalf.

Live 24/7 - 365 days a year

GPS technology allows you to report your emergency from anywhere. Even if you do not know where you are.

Emergency Contacts

In an emergency, our operators will contact your pre-designated relatives/emergency contacts.

First Responders

In an emergency, click the corresponding alert within the App and our operators will contact all relevant emergency services.

Encrypted Communications

Our app is hosted with GoDaddy in the USA. It is encrypted and safe for all communications.

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Expat911 Is Not Only An Emergency Reporting Service: We Also Notify Your Contacts On Your Behalf

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