Use Our Smart Phone App and Get Emergency Ready

ByJ.P. Allen

Use Our Smart Phone App and Get Emergency Ready

Are you an English speaker who lives in or is visiting Mexico? 

Well then, our Emergency APP is for you.

All you do is sign-up, download the APP and then you have it on your smart phone at all times with you.

In case of any emergency, you hit one button and our system goes into action notifying the proper local and federal authorities of your emergency.  It also notifies all of your designated family, friends and necessary associates of the emergency so they are aware and can take appropriate action.

Our ExPat911 Emergency is the necessary tool you need while living in Mexico.

To be clear, this is for English speakers who have difficulty communicating in Spanish; especially in emergency situations under pressure.  Our APP makes it as easy as one button click on your phone.

So sign-up now and get the peace of mind knowing that anywhere in Mexico, you’re covered and protected.



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J.P. Allen is a founding partner of ExPat 911. He's lived as an expat n Mexico since 1998. He has over 25 years of business experience as a CEO, entrepreneur and professional marketer. He is also a life coach and donates his personal time to empower young people in his community to future success.

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