Emergency App for ExPats

ByJ.P. Allen

Emergency App for ExPats

English speakers!  Live Safe and Secure in Mexico using our emergency and crime reporting service.

You come to live in a new country but the native language is Spanish.  And you don’t speak Spanish fluently.   Worse, in a emergency situation, you don’t feel confident you can communicate fast with First Responders.  So what to do?

That’s the question we asked and the answer is our ExPat911 Emergency APP!

Yep!  Using the latest 21st century technology, we developed a simple to use APP that makes communicating with First Responders as easy as one click of button on your smart phone. That’s it!  Our system does the rest.

We immediately contact First Responders in your local area.  We also notify the federal authorities.  In addition, we notify all predesignated contacts you specified when you signed up.  In other words, we will notify your kids, friends, attorneys, doctors; whomever you tell us to contact, they will immediately be notified in an emergency.

So sign-up now and get protected.


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J.P. Allen administrator

J.P. Allen is a founding partner of ExPat 911. He's lived as an expat n Mexico since 1998. He has over 25 years of business experience as a CEO, entrepreneur and professional marketer. He is also a life coach and donates his personal time to empower young people in his community to future success.

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Janet PerkaPosted on9:26 pm - Aug 25, 2018

Hello. Does this include Baja Mexico. Thankyou. Janet

    JohnPosted on9:41 pm - Aug 25, 2018

    Janet, I already responded via email from my personal account. You can reach me by responding to that email at any time. We are available in all of Mexico. However, we originated in Baja and so this is our strong hold. I answered in more depth via email.


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