What is Expat911 and How Does it Work?

ByJ.P. Allen

What is Expat911 and How Does it Work?

Expat911 is an application that was created for Expat’s living in Mexico

The application was created due to the lack of English speaking 911 operators here in Mexico. We heard from many Expats living here in Mexico that they were unable to report emergency situations due to the language barrier. 911 services in Mexico vary from state to state.

Some of the states have a part time operator who speaks English, but that operator is only available at specific times. There are other states that do not have any English spoken operators. This is a big problem if you are facing a life threatening situation and you are unable to explain what type of emergency responder you need.

Most of the Expats living in Mexico have never thought about this issue. Unfortunately, they only find out about this when it may already be too late. It’s important to take all precautions ensuring your protection before these situations arise. We hope that you never have to use our application, but if you do it’s important to know that we will be there for you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This insurance will allow you to feel at ease knowing that you are protected at all times and all places during your time in Mexico. The application has built in GPS technology which allows you to report your emergency to us at home or on the road.

The application is very simple to use.

There are 3 emergency buttons that you can push during your emergency. The 3 options are for Police, Ambulance or Fire. When you click which emergency situation you’re having, you can then add a message as well. This message and alert will be received by our team. We will call you immediately to ask for any additional details. Then we will call 911 on your behalf and report this emergency. Once we have reported the emergency, we will call you back to let you know that help is on the way.  We will then ask if you wish for us to reach out to your contacts.  We will then contact your family back home in the US/Canada if you confirmed. We will also call any neighbors, family, loved ones and even local doctors that you have in your predetermined contacts to let them know about your situation.

We mentioned before that we use GPS technology in the application. This is extremely important because we can send emergency responders to your location even when the situation is not in your home. If you are in a car accident this is key as we can see the location and use this during the reporting to 911.  Would you be able to explain your locations to Mexico’s 911 services if you were not at home?  Mexico’s 911 does not have GPS capabilities, and so if you called 911 they would not know where you are.  You would have to be able to explain where you are and know the streets to give them the address.  We can also cover you while you are traveling to other cities within Mexico, or even while you are out just running errands.

  • This service is only $ 99.00 USD per year.
  • We also offer a couples package for $ 148.50 USD per year.  Please inquire on how to activate this plan as it requires a 50% off coupon for the 2nd user that we must send to you after the first user makes the full payment.
  • That’s less than a night’s stay in a hotel or a dinner for 4 at a nice restaurant.

Below is a guide to help you get set up:

Step By Step Guide To Setting Up Expat911

It will take around 15 minutes, but once done you will be covered for life.


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J.P. Allen administrator

J.P. Allen is a founding partner of ExPat 911. He has lived as an expat in Mexico since 1998. He has over 25 years of business experience as a CEO, entrepreneur and professional marketer. He is also a life coach and donates his personal time to empower young people in his community to achieve future success.

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steven klarerPosted on10:10 pm - Jun 4, 2018

Is there a special fee for couples?

Francisco AcostaPosted on10:49 pm - Aug 15, 2018

Te escribo desde Cancun. Soy periodista. Me gustaría hacerte una entrevista sobre tu aplicación.

    JohnPosted on11:06 pm - Aug 16, 2018

    Buenas Tardes Francisco. Ayer se mando un correo a su correo electronico. Espero que lo recibio bien. Por favor, checa su correo y nos ponemos de acuerdo.

Dan GairPosted on3:04 pm - Aug 17, 2018

Greetings John. Congratulations on your app. Clearly, it has real potential for saving lives!
I’m curious about one aspect. Here in coastal Jalisco, our municipality uses a different call code than 911. I assume that this is true in other areas as well. Does your response team coordinate the number for all the various municipal call services, or do all the emergency services in Mexico use the same call numbers – something comparable to 911 in the U.S.? Thanks!
By way of input: All of the private hospitals in our go-to city of Vallarta require a credit card for admittance, even in an emergency. We have a friend who’s treatment for stroke was delayed several crucial hours due to having forgotten to take her card. You might consider working a reminder for this, plus bringing one’s passport, into your protocols. That and having your client’s medical alerts records on file to pass along to service providers you are contacting. All things easily forgotten in an emergency.
Finally, I’d like to take the opportunity to mention a new memoir ‘The Mexico Diaries, A Sustainable Adventure’ scheduled for release on Amazon Sept. 1, 2018. The book is a rollicking tale of Ex-Pat life in rural Mexico. It will be available as a free download on Kindle for the first five days!
I’ll look forward to hearing more about how your app works and will spread the word!

    J.P.Posted on3:55 pm - Aug 17, 2018

    Dan, we coordinate with local emergency services. So in this case, with Vallarta, we have direct communications with them. So no worries there.
    I will share the need for “Credit Card” with our team and get that info out to our users.
    Mexico Diaries? Sounds a like an excellent audio/book. Will have to get that on our blog. Will make a note for Sept. 1

Sue GreenbergPosted on2:32 pm - Aug 24, 2018


Terrific idea!! Have you tested this on main roads throughout Mexico? Some areas there is no service. Regardless I will be signing up. $100 for piece of mind? Hell of a value. Also if I have a flat tire or car trouble I can use it!

    JohnPosted on3:56 pm - Aug 24, 2018

    Sue, App only works when you have mobile data or wifi with cell service. This would be same with physically calling 911 in any country. So if you have no service, then you cannot call 911. Same applies to our app. (see terms/conditions)

    If you were stranded somewhere and needed assistance, we call 911 on your behalf. So police would arrive first to assess the situation. Then they would call a tow truck for you once they decide if it’s needed. We do not have working relationships with tow truck companies throughout Mexico. We are strictly emergency first responder services only.

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John EastwoodPosted on11:42 pm - Sep 30, 2018

The payment process asks for a coupon number. I don’t have coupon. So how do I proceed?


    JohnPosted on11:48 pm - Sep 30, 2018

    John, I already answered this question via email. You should have a response there. The coupon code is only for a couples add on. When a client purchases a full priced subscription, we will then send you a 50% off coupon code for your spouse should she wish to sign up as well. So you would leave that blank John.

    John Adam

PeterPosted on11:53 am - Oct 3, 2018

Hi John. Do you cover rural areas such as La Penita,Guyabitos and Los Ayala all in Nayarit?

    J.P. AllenPosted on6:19 pm - Oct 3, 2018

    Peter, so as long as you have access to internet service/cell service, the app will work. In other words, you must be connected to the net one way or the other for app to work. So keep your phone on and always ready.

    As for local emergency responders, we are connected and will contact them for you in case of emergency. As for time to reach you, it depends on the local services from government. If they are closer to you they will respond quickly. If you are in a very remote area, then they will reach you as soon as they can. We are NOT the government. We are the intermediary for you and emergency responders so we cannot guarantee their response time.

Timothy L. AyoobPosted on11:20 am - Dec 25, 2018

I would like to know if I’m in need of transport to a hospital and only 10 minutes from the San Ysidro border are there services available to take me directly to a U.S. Hospital using Medicare for I am disabled or would I be transferred to a hospital in Tijuana?

    JohnPosted on5:53 am - Dec 26, 2018

    Timothy our service is for reporting the emergency on your behalf. We are not involved in the transportation. We only report the emergency to medical services in Spanish if you are unable to speak Spanish. Our operators are fluent in both English and Spanish which Mexico’s 911 does not offer. So if we report your emergency, then you would be picked up by Mexican services and transported to the nearest hospital or the nearest hospital where you have insurance coverage. Being transported to the US would have to be arranged by a company such as SkyMed which you may want to look into as an additional service apart from ours.

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