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Expat911 is looking for ambitious long-term relationship building affiliates to help bring our important APP services to our Expat community of family, friends and loved ones who truly benefit from using our unique and important service.

Anyone can be an affiliate and earn.  It’s free and easy to join.  Just sign-up for an account.  Then a leader on our affiliate team will contact you and explain everything you need to know to market and earn commissions successfully as an official affiliate for Expat911.

25% Recurring Commission

Any new users that sign-up and pay for our service through your custom links or banner ads will be credited to your affiliate account.

You will receive a recurring 25% commission for each paying user.

Our service has a cost of $ 99.00 per year.  So that means, you will earn $ 24.75 for each sale.  And when that same user signs up again next year, you’ll be paid the same commission for that user.  In other words, we assign that user to your affiliate account so every time they pay, you get your 25% commission.


So imagine you make 10 referrals who sign-up each month. That would be 120 users in one year right?

120 users x $ 99 = $ 11,880 in sales.  Times that by your commission at 25% and your income for the first year is $ 2970

Now, lets say you did the same thing in year 2 and 60% of the first year sign-ups renew their service.

Here’s the math

  • 1st year x 60% renew rate = $ 2970 x 60% = $ 1782
  • 2nd year sign-ups = $ 2970
  • Total commission the 2nd year = $ 4752

Do your own math…. take it out to year 3 and you’ll see your commissions go up and up.


As an ExPat911 Affiliate, you’ll have access to our success platform via a customized dashboard.

There you can grab our  pre-made proven effective banner ads and use them on your blog/s or even on your social networks.  Whatever works!

You can also grab our custom track-able links which you can use on emails or on your social media pages.


Once you sign-up, you’ll have access to our Affiliate Dashboard where you can monitor stats for each user that follows your links, see how your banners and/or links are performing, and check how much commission income you’ve earned while monitoring your payouts.


Payments are sent to our affiliates on the 1st of each month sent via PayPal.  There is no limit on the amount of commissions you can earn with our affiliate program.


Our affiliate marketing plan is designed to help spread the word to our Expat community.  Rewarding those that help spread the word and provide a safer more secure lifestyle for Expats in Mexico is our pleasure.  It’s our way of saying thank you for helping everyone benefit.

After all, many of us Expats are living in Mexico on a budget.  Every little bit of extra income to cover our expenses can really help.  So even if you’re not a heavy marketer.  Just get your (4) of your close neighbors and friends to join and that will pay for the cost of your own personal ExPat911 service.

How cool is that right?  So what are you waiting for?


Expat911 is now offering a couples add on to our users.  After a user has paid for a full $ 99.00 subscription, they will be offered a couples add on plan which is 50% off of the original price.  The full paying user will be sent a 50% off coupon code to use for their spouse.  Their spouse will then register with a new account and utilize the coupon code that we send to the full paying user.  This couples add on will not be awarded a commission to the affiliates as it is already 50% off for the user.  So the affiliate will receive the regular 25% commission to the full paying user, but will receive 0 commission if that user decides to utilize the couples add on.  Even though you will not receive a commission on the couples add on, it is still set up to help our affiliates to convert more sales.  Many potential users had asked us to make a couples discount, and this is why we implemented this.  There were many who did not want to sign up until we offered a discount for couples.  So this will help conversions to your users and also give you another tool to pitch to potential users.

Watch How To Sign-Up Video Below

Sign-Up  – Affiliate FAQs –   My Affiliate Account