FAQs and Support


How can I contact Expat911 if I have questions about the services?

Please send us an email at info@expat911.mx.  Our team will get back to you within 24 hours if this is an informative request for a potential new user.  Please understand that our team is busy responding to emergencies that our users are reporting, and so information requests are taken care of when time permits.


How do I use Expat911 for Android?  

Watch the video below


How do I use Expat911 for Iphone?  

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Is Expat911 App available for couples? 

Yes, we offer a discount for couples.  Spouses pay just 50% of the annual subscription fee.  If you would like to use the couples discount plan, just purchase the regular $ 99.00 Annual Subscription.   Once you have purchased, send us an email at info@expat911.mx and let us know that your spouse would like to join. We will send you a special coupon code. Then your spouse can create a new account and purchase the Annual Subscription from their account.  During checkout, your spouse enters the coupon code. Then pays and is activated.

Will someone notify my family?

Yes.  Expat911 will notify your contacts in the US/Canada/Mexico once we have reported your emergency.   We will record the call to the user, and also to the 911 dispatcher.

Can I report emergencies when I am away from my home?

Yes.  Since Expat911 uses GPS technology, we will be able to locate you when you report an emergency away from your home.  Please make sure that location is turned on in your phone settings.  We only use your location when you send an alert and will not be using it for any other reasons.

How can I sign up for Expat911?

Please see our tutorial videos here.  You can also check the how to guide by click HERE.  You will also see videos that guide you throw the set up guide at the bottom for both Android and iPhone.

Is there a record of my emergency being reported? 

Yes.  We will record the call to the user, and also to the 911 dispatcher.

How much does Expat911 cost?

Expat911 has a cost of $ 99.00 per year.  Then your additional spouse or family adds on’s will cost $ 49.50 per family member.

Where am I covered with Expat911?

Expat911 covers you all throughout Mexico using GPS technology.  As long as you have a connection to wifi or mobile data, then you are covered.  There are some remote areas in Mexico which do not have cell service.  Unfortunately, you would not be covered in these areas.  This is the same as 911 in Mexico.  If you do not have cell service, you would not be able to report direct to them either.  So this affects us as well since you would not have service to send us a signal or contact us.

What happens when I report an emergency?

After you have sent an emergency alert to us, we will call you immediately.  The call is to make sure that the emergency is real and to get any additional details necessary to make the report to 911 on your behalf.  The emergency will then be reported to 911.  We will then call you back to let you know that everything has been reported and help is on the way.  At this time we will ask your permission to call your emergency contacts.  We can also stay on the phone with you if you prefer.  If for any reason you do not answer our verification call, we will immediately report your emergency without the verification from the user.  We do this because we assume that it must be a serious emergency if our user is unable to answer the phone.

How does Expat911 Notify Your Emergency Contacts?

Expat911 Is Not Only An Emergency Reporting Service:  We Also Notify Your Contacts On Your Behalf.

One of the most overlooked services that Expat911 provides is that we will also reach out to your contacts after we have reported your emergency.  Our users sign up for our application to feel secure knowing that they can report their emergency to 911 even if they do not speak Spanish.  However, we also reach out to your contacts to let them know about your emergency as well.  This is another important part of our service to make sure that our users feel comfortable knowing that someone will reach out to their contacts and let them know about their situation.

We added this feature because many of our fellow Expats voiced this concern to us.  They realized that if they were ever rushed to the hospital for any reason, their family and loved ones would not even know about the situation they were in.  This is why we have a contact section in your profile that you create on our application.  We allow one contact from the US/Canada and up to 3 contacts here in Mexico.  This way we can reach out to them once your emergency has been reported.

We recommend that your US/Canada contact is a family member who can then reach out to the rest of your family back home.  Your local contacts can be neighbors, friends, family or even local doctors.  Many of our users like to use their local doctor as a contact because they are comfortable with an English spoken doctor that they usually see during their medical check up’s.  This person is already familiar with your medical history and can help you translate at the hospital or even at your house if they can arrive before the emergency responder.  We have also found that a neighbor can sometimes respond quicker than the emergency responder.  They may be able to come and help you out while you are awaiting the emergency responder to arrive.

This part of the application is just as important to our users as the reporting of emergencies.  It gives our users the peace of mind knowing that the people important to them will be made aware of their situation.  So please choose wisely when deciding who the best contacts would be when creating your profile with us.

How to sign-up for the Affiliate program?
Just watch our HOW TO video here

Does Expat911 Affiliate Program have pre-made banner ads so I can use them to market the service?

Yes, of course.  All you need to do is to login to your affiliate account. Then go to CREATIVES link and click on it.  Then grab the banner ads