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ByJ.P. Allen

Expat911 Is Not Only An Emergency Reporting Service: We Also Notify Your Contacts On Your Behalf

One of the most overlooked services that Expat911 provides is that we will also reach out to your contacts after we have reported your emergency. Our users sign up for our application to feel secure knowing that they can report their emergency to 911 even if they do not speak Spanish. However, we also reach out to your contacts to let them know about your emergency as well. This is another important part of our service to make sure that our users feel comfortable knowing that someone will reach out to their contacts and let them know about their situation.

We added this featured because many of our fellow Expats voiced this concern to us. They realized that if they were ever rushed to the hospital for any reason, their family and loved ones would not even know about the situation they were in. This is why we have a contact section in your profile that you create on our application. We allow one contact from the US/Canada and up to 3 contacts here in Mexico. This way we can reach out to them once your emergency has been reported.

We recommend that your US/Canada contact is a family member who can then reach out to the rest of your family back home. Your local contacts can be neighbors, friends, family or even local doctors. Many of our users like to use their local doctor as a contact because they are comfortable with an English spoken doctor that they usually see during their medical check up’s. This person is already familiar with your medical history and can help you translate at the hospital or even at your house if they can arrive before the emergency responders. We have also found that a neighbor can sometimes respond quicker than the emergency responders. They may be able to come and help you out while you are awaiting the emergency responders to arrive.

This part of the application is just as important to our users as the reporting of emergencies. It gives our users the peace of mind knowing that the people important to them will be made aware of their situation. So please choose wisely when deciding who the best contacts would be when creating your profile with us.