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ByJ.P. Allen

Step by Step Instructions with Links for Expat911 Set Up

Please follow these steps in order to properly set up your Expat911 Application and Services for your smartphone.  At the bottom of this step by step guide, you will also find links to tutorial videos should you need any assistance with this guide.  The videos show every one of these steps visually which may help you if you come across any issues.  We can also set up the account for you if you are having trouble.  This way you do not have to worry about any of the steps and one of our customer service reps will take care of it all over the phone with you.  The email address to request a call back for assistance is at the bottom of this guide.  

1. Download the app.  Click here to download Android App.  Click here to download iPhone App.

2. Install the Application which will create a logo for Expat911 on your      smartphone home page.

3. Click the logo for Expat911 on homepage to open the app.  

4. Click on Sign Up link on App’s Log In page when App opens.  

5. Enter First Name, Last Name, Email and Phone Number.  Then click Next.

6. Enter Date of Birth, Street and Number, Town, Colonia, State, Zip Code and Password.  Then Click on Sign Up button to finish the registration within the App.

7. Check your email that you used for registration.  You will receive an email from info@expat911.mx which has an activation link.  The email should arrive within 5 minutes.  If you do not find it by then, please check your spam or junk mail folder.  Click activation link within email to receive a notification that your email has been successfully activated.  

8. Now you will have to complete the payment process on our secured website at www.expat911.mx.  

9. Visit this link Expat911.  Use the same email address and password to log in that you used when registering your account on the app.  

10. Now click on Orders which is shown on the left side of the page.  Then click on the Go Shop button. Now choose Add To Cart which is right under the $ 99.00 subscription for our services.  Now please click View Cart. (While in view cart mode you will see a section on the bottom left to add a discount code.  If you have one for a spouse that is getting the additional couples plan you can enter the code here and then click apply)  Then you will click on Proceed to Checkout.

11. Please enter your billing information on the next page.

12. Read the Terms and Conditions at the bottom and tick the box that says I have read and accept these terms and conditions.  

13. Now click Continue to Payment.  We use Stripe to process our payments securely for our clients.  We found it to be better than Paypal because you do not have to have an account with them.  You will just enter your credit card information and click submit.  There will be a 20 second pause before loading of the next page once your payment has been accepted.  This is because the system is updating and automatically activating your subscription.  Once the system has completed processing and activating your account, a page will open with links to download the app.  This means that you are all set for the next step.

14. Now that the payment has been processed, please open the app and log into the app with your information that you used to create the account.  You may receive a pop up at this point which says “Allow Expat911 to access this devices location?” Please click allow as this is very important for when you report your emergencies.  Your location is only sent to us when you send an alert.  We cannot see your location at any other time.  

15. Now you will finish your profile so that we have all of the information necessary on file when reporting your emergency.  Click on the top left corner of the app (3 small lines which is the menu button) to open up the menu. Now click on My Profile. Now click on the top right corner of the page (symbol looks like a pen writing) to edit your profile.  Please fill out any information that is blank such as Medical Information and Emergency Contacts.  To add more than one contact please click the red + sign on the right side of the first contact to open more contacts to fill out.  The first contact is US/Canada and so there is no need to place 001 in front of the number.  The next two contacts are Mexico numbers and so please only enter the 10 digit numbers as we know they are for Mexico already.  When finished, please click Save Changes (for Android) or Update (for iPhones) at the bottom.  Now review all of the information in your profile to be sure that all is correct.

Congratulations!!!  You have completed the steps for registering your account properly.  At this point we will need you to send a test chat and alert.  Until we have confirmed that your phone is set up by our customer service team, you will not be added to the main network.  Our customer service hours are from 9 AM to 8 PM PST and 6 days a week from Thursday to Tuesday.  Wednesday being the only day that the customer service side is not available.  Our emergency operators are 24/7 and 365 days a year, but they do not handle the test chat and test alerts.  So please send the word “test” in the chat box, and then click Police and send as an alert during the hours mentioned above.  We will answer you back immediately to confirm that you have been set up properly.  Then we will add you to the main network.  This means that all further chats and alerts will go directly to our emergency operators.  So after the test has been confirmed, please only use those features for real emergencies.  If you have any questions, please email us at info@expat911.mx.  

If you have any issues during this set up, please use the links below to see a step by step video tutorial to go along with this guide.  

Android Tutorial Video                                                                          iPhone Tutorial Video

ByJ.P. Allen

How to Get Set Up With Expat911

Sign-Up Video Tutorial:  iPhone – Android

We recommend you watch how-to video before installing and registering

In this guide below we go through the easy yet very important steps to set up your Expat911 account

Depending on your device, the first thing you will need to do is download the actual application from the App Store or Google Play Store.  You can find the application by doing a search for “Expat911″.

Once you find the application, you will now download and install the application. A logo will be created on your home screen once the application has been downloaded and installed.

Now that you have installed the application to your smart phone, you will need to register your account.

So click on the logo for Expat911 which was created on your home screen. If you do not see it on your home screen, please check in your apps folder.

When you click on the logo, you will be taken to the home screen of the application. The home screen will ask you to log in or sign-up for an account. Please click on the sign-up link.

Now you will be asked to fill in some basic information. Please enter your full name, email and phone number. The email entered is where you will receive all emails from us and will also be your user name for logging in. The phone number is extremely important and must match the phone that you will be using for this service. We will use this number to call you during the emergency situation that you are reporting. Please click next after these steps.

The next page will have more detailed information that needs to be filled out. Here you will enter your date or birth, full address and create your password. When finished entering this information, please click the sign-up button.

At this point your account has been created in our database. If you were to try and log in, you will be told that your account needs to be activated by email activation. Please check your email address that you used when registering. You should have an email from info@expat911.mx. This email may take a few minutes to arrive. If you still have not received the email after 10 minutes, please check your spam or junk email folder.

Once you have received the email, you will click on the link within the email that says “click here to activate account”. A new page will pop up saying that your account is now active. If you try and log into the application now, you will receive a pop up that says your account is still pending payment.

In order to make the payment, you will need to visit our website www.expat911.mx. On the top right corner of the website you will see the Log In link. Click on this link and enter in your email and password that you set up when registering your account on the application. On the left side of the page you will see a link for Orders. Please click here and then click Go Shop on the next page.

Complete Emergency Service for only $ 99 per year

On the Go Shop page you will see the option for the Annual Subscription for $ 99.00. Click the Add to Cart button at the bottom of this Annual Subscription. Now click on View Cart.  It will take you to the page where you can process the payment by clicking on Proceed to Checkout.

On the next page you will fill out your billing information. You then have the choice of paying by Stripe or Paypal. If you have a Paypal account already set up, then this would be the quickest form of payment for you. If you do not have a Paypal account, then we recommend using Stripe.

Stripe is quick and easy to use. It does not require an account, and you can pay quickly using your credit card. At this point you will have to accept the terms and conditions. You will see a link to view the terms and conditions, and you must check the box that you read and accept these before being able to process the payment.

The final step is to click on the payment button and enter your Paypal or Stripe information.

After you have finalized the payment, you will now receive confirmation emails regarding your payment in your email account. You should receive two emails. One will confirm that your payment has been made, and the other will confirm that you have been approved to use the service. At this point, your account is fully set up and your coverage begins.

You can now log into the app and user our services without issues.

We recommend that you now log in to the application and click on the menu button on the top left. This will open up the menu options and one of those options will be My Profile. Once you have opened this page, you can click on the top right to edit the profile. There is still some information that will be blank and was not required during the initial registration.

The information that you can enter here will have to do with your medical profile which we will use during the reporting of your emergency. You can enter your blood type, diseases, sicknesses and allergies here. At the bottom you will also see a section for Contacts. The contacts are important because we will contact these people for you, once we have reported your emergency. You can enter 1 contact from the US/Canada. Then you can add 3 more contacts here in Mexico.

In order to add more contacts, you just click on the plus sign on the top right of your first contact that you entered. This will open up a new contact form to be filled out. Please click on Save Changes once you have completed the above steps.


You have now completed all of the necessary steps. Your account and profile are now complete which allows us to provide you with the best and fastest service that we can offer.