Some Of Our Recent Customer Feedback

It is important to note that we receive dozens of emails each day from our users whom we help every step of the way to getting set up with out service.  We never ask our users for reviews or testimonials.  This is the reason behind the lack of reviews on our site.  We do have some reviews on the Google Play Store and the iTunes App store which were voluntary reviews from some of our users after they downloaded and tested the app.  We also wanted to add here some of the positive feedback that we have gathered through our back and forth emails with our clients over the past 1-2 months.

10/12/18  John B. From Guanajuato 

Once again, I want to thank you for your excellent customer service. It will be a compelling reason for my fellow expats both here and in San Miguel to use your service!

10/5/18 Lee R. From Baja California Norte 

What you came up with conceptually and eventually developed will no doubt save a countless number of lives.

Being 70 years old, I often wonder what will happen during an emergency.  Even though I love this country and have been here for over 14 years, I do not have much confidence in the infrastructure of the Police, Medical etc.  Then came along expat911.com.  What a blessing.  I hope nothing will happen, but who knows.  At least now I know I am covered.

9/29/18 Martha M. From Yucatan

Thank you so much you have been a god send!!!  My husband will join this weekend.  Have a great weekend.

9/27/18 Allison E. From Baja California Sur

Thanks so much, and thanks for this service!!!

9/15/18 Nancy P. From Jalisco 

Thanks.  I worked in an office for 30 years.  When I first started we used punch cards!  I can now text with 2 thumbs but as one of my young friends said, Nancy it’s painful to watch you text.  I’m also 61 and not 81.  Thanks for your patience with us older folks who are technology challenged.  No need to reply, just wanted to put a smile on your face.

9/13/18 Mark P. From Guanajuato 

I will do, and your service is excellent.  When I signed up I think it was on a Sunday and you got back to me immediately with answers to all my questions.  The fact that you could check where my wife and I were a few minutes ago and confirmed the hotel, etc. is impressive.  I will share the information and my experience.

8/26/18 Kirby G. From Guanajuato 

Thanks.  That clears everything up.  I did not want to alert her unless necessary and you explained that.  Enjoyed our email chats, but truly hope that I will never need to talk to you again.  That would mean all is well!!!  Thanks again for your help.  Good luck with this important service for us “Gringos”.