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  • ExPat911 is an emergency reporting service which helps users report their emergencies without worrying about the language barrier.
  • ExPat911 is a 24 hour emergency service that has GPS location to let us know exactly where you are located.
  • GPS location is only available where permitted by your cell phone provider. We are not responsible if the location service is not available while traveling between cities or towns when you may be in a dead zone.
  • ExPat911 is also a service that will reach out to your friends and loved ones during your time of emergency. This will ensure that the people you care about know how and where you are.
  • ExPat911 will always have a 100% fluent English speaking person responding to you during your emergency.
  • ExPat911 also has bilingual operators who will handle your emergency calls for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.
  • ExPat911 does have a small fee. The cost is $ 99.00 per year. This averages out to  $ 8.00 per month.  This is around the cost of an entree at a decent restaurant in Mexico.
  • ExPat911 services the entire country of Mexico. We will respond to any of your emergencies even while traveling to other states in Mexico.
  • ExPat911 only covers one person and is not a family coverage. This is important because each person needs to have their medical history filled out in their profile. So each individual needs their own coverage and profile for the service. Also, each user must have an Android or Apple smart phone to use the service.  We do offer a couples plan which is explained below.

We offer discount for couples

Spouses pay just 50% of the annual subscription fee.

If you would like to use the couples discount plan, just purchase the regular $ 99.00 Annual Subscription.  Once you have purchased this, send us an email at and let us know that your spouse would like to join.

We will send you a special coupon code.  Then your spouse can create a new account and purchase the Annual Subscription from their account.  Your spouse will enter the coupon code during checkout and this will enable the 50% discount.